Oceanic Group

About us:
OCEANIC GROUP is a group of Businesses and Companies operating from various major cities in the World engaged in Consultancy & Services to Maritime, Ports, Shipping, Supply Chain, Logistics, Trading, I.T-Communications, Tourism etc industries. Oceanic Group is the owner of ‘Oceanic Businesses’ and manager for some ‘Not-for-Profit Organizations’. The group is run by group of qualified, experienced and skilled professionals from their respective fields. We shall be more than happy to assist you in any way we can to our best accord with professionalism.

Our Beginning:
OCEANIC started its pace in Sydney, Australia in February 1993. The Business name was ‘Daffodils International‘. Reason for choosing this name was to deal initially with floral and souvenir items in Australia from continents and different parts of the World. Later the firm started other businesses and commodity Trading, for both domestic and international market. In May 1995 the business of ‘Ship Manning’ and ‘Surveys’ were started. Due to nature of Commercial Businesses and Maritime Services, in January 1999 –the business name was changed to ‘Oceanic Services & Mercantile Co.‘ Then, in April 1999, another “Shipping services Business” was started in the name as “Marine Associates” to deal with a few Ship-Owners’ Protecting Agency, Ship Repairing, Supplies, Bunkering, Crew joining & Repatriation, Legal services, P&I Claim matters,  Shipping services etc. It then went on developing further sectors of businesses and commercial activities when (in July 1999) it became imperative to rename the business as ‘Oceanic Business‘ keeping OCEANIC‘ as the brand name.